The contents of my backpack


I read quite a few blogs on what to pack before starting my own bags, to set my expectations and try to be disciplined from the outset…

Needless to say, the bag continued growing, and growing and growing…so I’m back to being prudent and taking out some unnecessary items (sadly the beach sarong is staying at home).

I won’t list everything I packed, but my top 5 best buys for the trip are:

  1. The Backpack – I splashed out on this and got an Osprey Farpoint 70 (70l) as it got great views on Amazon and other travel blogs. From the minute it arrived, I was so happy with my choice to get a quality bag. The best feature is that the zip for the main compartment comes all the way down allowing it to be packed like a suitcase. So no more stuffing everything in and out of the top of a camping rucksack – woohoo! It also comes with a 15l day pack that zips on to the back of the main backpack, making it really secure and also giving you more space.
  2. Packing Cubes – I have been on long trips before and never used these but I can already tell it is going to be so helpful to have packing cubes to separate different items of clothing  and making them easily find-able (thinking particularly about socks). I got mine as a helpful Christmas present but these are what they look like and there are loads of different types and sizes you can get online.
  3. North Face Jacket – it’s the only jacket/ overcoat I’m taking given most of the places I am going to will be warm (I hope!) I had it out in the field as a geography student and it’s served me well for years – so I’m sure it will take me through any tropical Asian rain showers and any chilly winds in New Zealand.
  4. Face wipes – a small but essential item that might be a bit of luxury, but one I wouldn’t leave without. As well as getting dirt of boots and clothes I’m sure it will also double up for washing when there are no showers in Borneo..!
  5. Underwater camera case – a plastic underwater wallet,  which is designed to keep cameras completely dry but also give the user the ability to use all the camera buttons. It helps that it folds down for some neat packing but it also has a hard plastic lens, allowing a clearer picture underwater. I’ll update with a review once I have used it and share my marine snaps so you can be the judge!

So, the bag is finally packed, and the zips do up! It can only get lighter from here – right?!


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