Saying Sayonara


Friday is the day. Then it is 5 months of *mostly* solo travelling covering Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Borneo, Australia, New Zealand and the USA; a huge amount of ground – I know I’m really packing it in. Thankfully a few friends are coming with me at moments along the way which I’m looking forward to.

I left my job in London at the beginning of December and it has felt like a month of goodbyes ever since; work colleagues, old work colleagues, work-friends, London friends, flatmates, university mates, sixth form pals, old school chums, then all my extended relatives at Christmas. Now it’s just my own family to give one last hug to, and I’m off….

Really off.

What have I done?!

Right now, it feels a bit like just before you go into an exam, in a good way. One where you feel like you’re a bit prepared, and you hope you’ll be OK because you should be able to answer at least a few of the questions passably. I’m the first to admit I’m a bit nervous as this is my first time travelling solo for more than 1-2 days, but right now, most of all – I just want to get started.

But before all that there is the small matter of packing. That is tonight’s job. My packing has to cover all bases: from trekking mountains in minus-degrees to spotting orang-utans in a rainforest downpour, to (hopefully) successful surf lessons and learning to sail off scorching Australian beaches.

So, I can only hope I bought a big enough bag…



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