Auf Wiedersehen: I’m on the Road Again!

After three months home in the UK (with a few weekend breaks along the way), I’m thrilled to say, from Sunday, I am on the road again!

I’ll be working in Berlin, Germany, for the next three months which is my first time working in a foreign city. I don’t speak German but want to start to learn and I really can’t wait to get stuck into exploring this great city on my weekends.

Having visited once before several years ago, I’m somewhat familiar with the main touristy areas, but living here will hopefully give me a whole new perspective on the neighbourhoods that make this city tick.

So, expect Berlin insider tips aplenty and maybe a weekend or two further afield to Germany’s neighbouring countries. I have my eye on Poland, Czech Republic or Austria…so thoughts and recommendations welcome on where is best in Autumn/ Winter.

Lots more updates to come, but for now – happy travels everyone!

Nome from Home x


Cycling is a safe and convenient way to get around Berlin. Now…who will sell me their bike?! And where did I put that hat…




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