Photography Post: Stunning Sri Lanka

If I could sum up Sri Lanka in three words they would be; scenic, spicy and safe.

This photography post aims to in part explore the first of those, because Sri Lanka is quite possibly the most beautiful Asian country I have visited. It is an emerald island, covered in lush tea plantations with a sunshine coast and monolithic rocks jumping out of its centre. The variety of different landscapes and the stunning views it offers makes it is easy to see why it has been such a popular destination for tourists over the decades.

Sometimes a photograph is worth a thousand words and it was a  15-day holiday I’ll never forget. For the number of places we saw and the amount we packed in, I came away with a much richer knowledge of the country and Tamil and Sinhalese peoples. I visited Sri Lanka on a guided tour with Intrepid, you can see the route and trip notes here.

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