About me

2016 was the year I went for it.

I quit my job, gave up my London flat and bought my ticket to travel solo for 5 months across Asia, Australasia and the USA. I had the best time, did all sorts of crazy fun things and met some great people, all of which you can read about in my blog posts.

In September, I had the opportunity live and work in Berlin, Germany, for three months. It gave me a huge appreciation for a new city, a new love for Europe and an appetite to work harder than I ever have before.

Finally, in December, I flew to Zimbabwe to witness a university friend’s beautiful wedding before going to Vic Falls and Botswana for safari.

My key learning from all of this is: Not having a plan can be ok. When I returned home in June 2016, I did not for one moment think I would be moving to Germany come September.  Opportunities can come from anywhere and making yourself available to take them up is truly thrilling. Take a leap into the unknown, put yourself out there and feel alive again.

Happy Travels.


My solo route from January – June 2016

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