Where I’ve been

I’ve been to 37 odd countries in the world and my travels have taken me to 6/7 of the world’s continents.

2016 was my year of travel and I was lucky enough to go to; Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Borneo, Austrailia, New Zealand, USA, Italy, Poland, Austria, Zimbabwe and Botswana, do some tourism in the UK; visiting West Wales and North Norfolk for the first time, and to top it off, I lived and worked in Germany for three months.

Where Next?

I took a solo trip to Sri Lanka for two weeks for a May monsoon before I made my way to Budapest in September for a long weekend. As for the rest of 2017, right now there is talk of Iceland and Morocco for a week each in Autumn – any reader tips on both would be great, so do leave me a comment!

Top 5 bucket list…

In no particular order:

  1. Japan – the sushi, the blossom, the buzzy cities, the high-speed trains, the calm temples with resident deer…Japan just looks out of this world, totally different to anywhere else.
  2. Peru – Machu Pitchu…it has to be on everyone’s bucket list right? Well, it is on mine, along with most other countries in South America.
  3. Iceland – the land of snow and ice…and Game of Thrones references. This isn’t too far from the UK, but Northern Lights, volcanic beaches, ice formations, hot spa pools and the most expensive beer in the world are something I want to try out first hand
  4. Indonesia – My obsession with Asia continues… It was nearly part of my 2016 travels but rainy season said otherwise, so it will have to wait. It looks stunningly beautiful.
  5. Namibia – sand dunes and wildlife, Namibia has always intrigued me, inhospitable (skeleton coast) but then full of fauna, sparsely populated and a place not too many travellers go – I think it would make for a really interesting trip and a great place to practice some photography.